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August 1, 2023By Sevak Mardirosian7 min read

How to Identify Lucrative Niche Markets for Domain Investments

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Although you can land a random profitable domain name, it is better to master a specific niche. Understanding the ins and outs of the industry gives you an upper hand when choosing domains for investment

Have you heard the saying, "A jack of all trades is a master of none?" Well, you can be good at domain investment. But trying to be a master in all niches is like trying to win an Olympic gold in curling, swimming, and pole vaulting in one event. 

To help you become a successful domain investor, we will uncover the secret sauce to finding lucrative niche domains and industries you can consider. Let's get started! 

5 Tips to Identify Lucrative Domain Investment Niches 

If you are wondering how to identify domain investment niches worth your time and money, here are tips to help you navigate the process. 

Follow the Trends 

Trendy keywords will always make heads turn and wallets open. Suppose you had the domain before Mark and Elon decided to go bare knuckles in the scramble for social media market share. Previously, the domain was valued at less than 10,000. How much do you think it is worth today? Probably several millions. 

Although such scenarios are rare, Google Trends provides regular insights into the ever-changing popularity of keywords and topics. The tool also allows you to search specific keywords and get relevant data. Apart from that, you can tailor your search to a specific location. 

But there is a catch. You should avoid trademarked keywords because brand names are the most popular. 

Twitter is another goldmine if you want to keep up with buzzwords. However, Twitter trends can change daily and render your domain names obsolete. To navigate around this hurdle, go for ideas that show signs of longevity and lasting appeal. For example, hashtag #chagpt has trended several times and become a good target.  

Register Big Industry Domains 

Some industries like finance, energy, tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce will always remain relevant. Whether looking for a regular or premium domain name, you will never go wrong with these industries. 

The only hurdle is the high competition for potential domain names in these niches. When venturing into such competitive industries, your domain name selection must be strategic and creative. Instead of focusing on premium keywords like, which has high competition, be creative and consider domains like 

Identify Geographically Targeted Domains 

In the realm of domains, relevance, and familiarity cultivate trust. Businesses offering geo-specific services target these domains because they significantly enhance a business's online presence, local visibility, and customer engagement within its specific target market. 

You can use geo-targeted domains to give your business a competitive edge and build local credibility. The key concept behind creating geographically targeted niche domains is to blend the location and industry while ensuring the name remains brief and catchy. 

This approach lets you capture the essence of location and target market while maintaining a memorable and easy-to-remember web address. Such a domain name is irresistible to any local business near you.

Keeping an Eye on Expired Domains 

Every day, thousands of domain names expire because their holders are unwilling or forgot to renew them. Some investors also drop the domains after failing to sell them after a year. If you understand domain SEO or the value of good backlinks, you know this can be a worthy investment. 

But are all expired domain names ideal for investment? Definitely not. Some carry the baggage of spamming, phishing, or conning. In such an uncertain market, how do you know the domains you can buy? Simple, you pick up a tool like Bishopi Fresh Drop that provides high-potential dropped domains at a discount. Also, don’t forget to check your domain's reputation and threat level on our home page. 

Go for High-volume Keyword Domains 

Let's face it, most high-volume keywords are already taken or available as premium domains in most industries. But there are creative ways you can get popular keywords. One of the most effective is to combine new top-level domains with relevant keywords (domain hacking). 

Domain hacking involves combining a keyword with an extension that creates a clever and memorable phrase or wordplay. For example, after Google announced .dad as a TLD, you can combine it with caring, all, or funniest to create,, and Other options you can consider are .prof, .zip, and .phd. 

The Most Lucrative Niche Markets for Domain Investment 

After highlighting the strategies you can use to identify lucrative markets for domain investments, let's go through the markets you can consider. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Who would not like to be part of a thriving and growing industry? 

The Business Fortune Insights estimated the machine learning industry to be worth less than $20 billion in 2022. That is just a drop in the ocean compared to the AI industry, which is 20 times larger. 

The Machine learning industry is expected to grow more than ten-fold by 2030. On the other hand, the artificial intelligence market will be worth more than $1.8 trillion by 2030.  

If the data is anything to go by, these are some of the most lucrative domain niches you should consider for investment. The .ai extension is already gaining popularity after the inception of the GPT. 

Finance & Investment 

Some niches will never go out of the market as long as we are still buying, selling, investing, saving, and so on. If you want to compete with the big fish and gain a part of this lucrative industry, you can dive into finance and investment. 

There is a good reason a significant percentage of the most expensive domains of all time fall under this industry. The finance and investment niche offers vast opportunities for growth and profit. When you invest in the industry, you tap into the financial tool, advisory, and investment platform fields. 

You can use finance extensions like .bond, .money, .cash, and .loan. Apart from that, you can consider popular TLDs like .com, but finding potential domain names in the niche is challenging. 

Fitness & Outdoor Activities 

The 1980s fitness craze brought a revolution that has lasted for decades. Today, one of the most in-demand services and products are those related to fitness, health, and wellness. 

You can register domain names in this niche to target workout equipment, training, supplement, and wellness apps. The good thing is, this industry shows no signs of slowing down. 

Cryptocurrency & NFT 

If there is a world that has gained tremendous popularity within a short period, it is cryptocurrency. Before the late 2000s, crypto and non-fungible tokens were a vague idea. But within less than 15 years, they are on everybody's lips. 

Over the last decade, top-level domains like .crypto, .eth, .bitcoin, and .nfts have entered the market. You can take these extensions, although with a pinch of salt because they are not widely accepted. 

Renewable Energy & Sustainability 

We have seen a continuous push for renewable energy and sustainability, with increasing concerns about climate change. You can be part of the revolution by registering related domains. 

Some sectors you can consider include nuclear, solar, and hydro energies. The focus seems to be on these fields; you could land one of the lucrative domain names. 

Other industries you can consider include pet, augmented, and virtual reality. The pet industry is well-established, while the other two are becoming popular with the launch of Web 3. 


Now you know the strategies you can use to identify lucrative niche markets for domain investment. As a recap, they include following the trends, registering big industry domains, identifying potential geo-specific domains, going for high-volume keyword domains, and keeping an eye on expired domains. 

Through these strategies, we have identified artificial intelligence, machine learning, finance, cryptocurrency, NFT, and renewable as some of the industries you can consider. 

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