Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I learn about the API program and implementation?

Check out our API page for detailed information on how to use our API.

What's the API uptime?

We are constantly tracking and monitoring the uptime of our service. We are doing every effort to ensure a maximum of availability and reliability, leading to an uptime of 99.9%, calculated on the past 12 months.

Will you notify me when I run out of requests?

Sure! We will send you an email notification when your monthly usage hits 90% and 100%, so you have enough time to react and adapt your plan.

How much load can your API take?

Our API handles millions of API requests on a daily basis. For most of the plans, we encourage not to exceed 10 concurrent connections. If you need more, please let us know

Are the API credits rolled over if I dont use them?

API credits are valid for one month, leftovers are not rolled to the next month.