Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bishopi?

Bishopi is a solution that drives your domains names to excel for both buyers and sellers. We offer intelligent tools that helps you find value and understand your domain names more easily, meant for both beginners and professional domain name investors.

Do you have a free plan?

Yes we do. You can sign-up for free and as a free user you have limited amount of access. That said, if you decide to purchase a subscription you will get a 7-days of trial period where you get a taste of everything we offer you when it comes to domain name tools and services.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

Subscribing allows you to use many tools we have currently and tools which we are working on to improve and serve our customers with more accurate and AI-Enhanced services. Subscribing also allows you to query and lookup much more easily with higher query limits.

Do I need a subscription in order to submit backorders or participate in auctions?

No. No subscription is needed in order to place backorder or participate in auctions. However, a valid credit card is required in order to use both services.

What makes your domain backorders special from others?

We use latest technologies and AI-Enhanced solutions to give you more accurate results and predictions. For backorders, we will offer you tools and services that instantly gets you all the information needed on why a particular domain is worth the backorder. Things such as the latest SEO trends, Google trends of given domain and many other services.

I encountered a bug, where do I report it to get it fixed?

If you find a bug or something is not right, please reach out to us through<A href={RouteEnum.CONTACT_US}>support.</A>Be sure to describe the problematic query or and any helpful screenshots or description of the problem.

Do lookups/credits expire or roll over?

No. You will get x monthly credits if you're on a monthly subscription. Any unused credits will reset at the end of your billing cycle.

I have a suggestion, where do I submit it?

We are always open to suggestions and feedback. Please reach out to us through our support email. Be sure to describe the suggestion or and any helpful screenshots or description of the suggestion.